Welcome to my syslog pages...

Hi and welcome to my syslog pages. Neat web design, huh? ;)

I am Rainer Gerhards, someone who is obsessed with system logging (and some other boring hobbies;)). I have set up this page to support some of my efforts in fiddeling a bit with syslog. My company - Adiscon - provides the web space.

In the long term, we (Adiscon and me) may decide to move more of our actual syslog content to over here. But so far we don't think it is a good idea as this domain belongs to the country of "cc - Cocos (Keeling) Islands" (yes folks, this is a country code specifc domain, no matter what the smart marketing folks tell you). I am a bit unsure in how secure our virtual property (domain name) is in this regard (the country's population were estimated 630 people in July 2003...).

If you are looking for some practical information on syslog, I highly recommend visiting Adiscon main syslog pages. They have tons of generic syslog stuff and little to no marketing attached.

Having said this, let's move to the actual content:

And some quick links to useful content Adiscon placed on other servers:

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