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In case somebody asks... this list is in alphabetical order of official product/project name [as it identifies itself] ;-)

Compliance Levels

To the best of my knowledge, all products support the RAW profile without any problems.

There is support for the most important COOKED profile features in SDSC syslog as well as the liblogging-based projects. Neither support relay operations or PATH elements. Also, it looks like a bug in liblogging's XML handling has been detected which seems to be able to cause severe connectivity issues depending on the payload. RFC3195/COOKED is not receiving priority

Please note that messages larger than 1K are likely not supported by either of these implementations, because the original interpretation is that RFC 3195 inherits the 1K message size limit from RFC 3164. However, recently (around June 2005) a loophole has been detected in 3195 which could be interpreted that it supports larger size messages. It is questionable if using that loophole will yield to a compliant - and more importantly interoperable - implementation.

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