New syslog site

Hello and welcome to this new site on syslog. As you can see: it’s right now empty. We will work on the content within the next couple of weeks. The site’s mission is to provide reliable information on what syslog is and how to use it on Linux, Windows and several devices like routers and switches.

Those that remember old days: yes, the site was long time ago used for IETF discussions when the syslog RFCs were developed. Rainer Gerhards used it to keep track of open issues in what now is RFC 5424. The content was used for archive purposes. With the GDRP, we decided to take the site down, as it created a little bit of headache without actually providing anything good any longer.

Over the past couple of weeks, we formed the idea to provide a new resource focused on syslog. Then we remember of our good old domain. And here it is. Right now, there is little to find over here. We’ll let you know via our channels when this changes.

New syslog site

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